How to get here

If you have any additional questions regarding your visit, please contact our Cefic Reception +32.2.436.93.00

As Belliard 40 is one of the busiest districts of the city, please note that driving and parking can be challenging. Please note that the B40 building has a limited number of visitor parking spaces available, so please contact Cefic Reception prior to your arrival in order to book a parking spot in the building.

Brussels city car registration procedure

Please note that as of January 2019, all cars registered outside Belgium entering Brussels need to register in the Brussels Low Emission Zone (LEZ) database. Registration is compulsory for all vehicles registered abroad. The registration request is free of charge and must be completed before your visit via an online form available at irisnet. The registration is valid for 3 years as long as the information regarding the vehicle doesn’t change.


Belliard 40 is well connected with all public transportation. The fastest way within Brussels to get to the building is by metro. B40 is located next to all the main lines, 1, 2, 5 and 6. The closest stops are Arts-Loi/ Kunst-Wet, Trone/Troon, and Maelbeek/Maalbeek.


If you arrive by train, the closest train stops for local trains are within walking distance at Luxembourg/ Luxemburg and Schuman. The main train stations (Bruxelles-Midi/ Brussel- Zuid, Bruxelles-Central/ Brussel-Centraal and Bruxelles-Nord/ Brusse-Noord) are well connected with metro lines 1, 2, 5 and 6.

From the airport

There is a direct train from Brussels airport Zaventem to the city centre, stopping at Brussels Schuman or Brussels Central. Our building is located within walking distance of these two stations but you can also continue your trip by metro to reach the building.

The closest taxi pick-up location to Belliard 40 is in rue de la Science, just next to the Belliard 40 parking entrance. When exiting from the building, turn right to go towards rue de la Science. Cefic’s reception staff will be happy to arrange a taxi for you.

There are two receptions in the building:

Ground floor building reception
No entry protocol, please proceed to the 13th floor. Ground floor reception can guide you to the lifts and Cefic Reception if necessary.

13th floor Cefic Reception
The first point of contact for any external visitors arriving at Cefic. Our receptionists welcome Cefic visitors, register you in our system and guide you to your meetings from 08:00 until 17:30 (Fridays until 17:00).

13th floor: Cefic Reception
and Meeting Center

Reception area

First contact point for visitors when accessing the 13th floor. Please sign in here and wait for your host.

Visitors’ waiting area

Area where visitors are invited to wait for their host.


Secured storage for visitors’ jackets and bags with limited space for luggage. Please claim your belongings by 18:00, as the electronic lockers will be opened after that. A printer available for visitors is located here. Please ask Cefic Reception to assist you with the cloakroom services.

Members’ Village

Area where Cefic Members can work, wait, meet and drink coffee.

Staff Village

Dedicated area for our staff to meet and eat but welcomes visitors too.

Cefic Restaurant

The Cefic restaurant is open for visitors from 08:00 – 16:30.

Meeting rooms

The Cefic Meeting Centre consist of six large meeting rooms with full AV equipment for conference calls.

Meeting room lunch area (Nobel)

This area, next to the Mendeleev boardroom, is reserved for meeting participants to have lunch.



Emergency exits

The building has 9 emergency exits located on the ground floor, -1 and -2. All the exits are identified by exit signs. On the floors, the emergency exits are accessed via the emergency stairs. There are 2 distinct emergency staircases. The evacuation routes are identified by exit signs.


Our office provides you with an inspiring and modern workspace, a fully equipped Meeting Center and best in class, healthy gourmet food provided by our caterer, Fonteyne the Kitchen.

Cefic Reception

Our Reception is at your service between 08:00 and 17:30 (Fridays until 17:00), and ready to assist you with any of your questions regarding the building services such as cloakroom, Wi-Fi and printing. If you need a taxi, please ask one of your receptionists to help you.

Our receptionists are trained to help you with medical emergencies. In case of emergency, you should always call 112. Please note that Cefic personnel are not allowed to provide any medicines, including painkillers.

Cefic Restaurant

Our private restaurant is open to Cefic visitors, Members, and staff. Our caterer, Fonteyne the Kitchen provides delicious and healthy food all the day. Their offering includes barista services, breakfast meals, hot and cold dishes and various snacks. Enter between meetings to have lunch or coffee.

The restaurant is open every workday from 08:00-16:30.

Members Village

The 'Members Village' is an area dedicated for Cefic Members to use whenever they are in town and need a place to work in a quite environment between meetings.

This space is equipped with workstation and lounge area with soft-seating.

Coffee, tea and water are available for our Members, but eating in this area is not allowed.

Security in B40

Cefic Reception coordinates all emergency calls and is able to help you. However, in case of an acute risk, you should always call 112

In case of fire & evacuation

If you discover a fire or are aware of any suspect smoke or odour:
1. Give warning by pressing the push-button on your floor (intermittent audio signal).
2. Call the Cefic fire officer on 888 who will call the fire brigade in case of an actual fire.
3. As soon as you hear the alarm sound, close doors and evacuate the building via the emergency stairs, following the instructions of the Cefic evacuation team.
4. The doors to the stairs will automatically open.
5. The use of lifts is PROHIBITED during evacuation!
6. Proceed to the assembly point (Square Frère-Orban Parc) indicated by the evacuation team of Cefic.

Medical support

For any medical assistance, please contact Cefic Reception. Please note that Cefic is not allowed to provide any medicines, including painkillers. Our building has a defibrillator located on the 13th floor for sudden cardiac arrest and first-aid trained staff that are ready to help you.



Rue Belliard 40 - 1040 Brussels - Belgium

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